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About the OTL Newsletter

Letter from the Editors:

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The Online Teaching and Learning (OTL) Newsletter is a joint effort by graduate students and researchers within the AERA OTL special interest group.  Our goal for this newsletter is to broaden the scope of our network through continuing education and to foster a community beyond the AERA conference.  This quarterly newsletter will include current news in OTL, address issues in online education, and provide the most recent updates within the field.  We hope to provide a hub for innovative ideas, bringing our community together to share ideas, collaborate, and keep up-to-date with the research and practice in online teaching and learning.  In each edition we plan to include current news, featured research articles, conference updates, and news from the Online Learning Consortium.  

Current Issue:

Vol2_1 - Feb 2018

Past Issues:

Vol1_1 - Apr 2017

Vol1_2 - Jul 2017

Vol1_3 - Oct 2017


  1. Gina Mariano
    Gina Mariano
    Associate Professor Troy University
  2. Denise Nadasen
    Denise Nadasen
    Independent Research Consultant Nadasen Consulting
  3. Tugce Aldemir
    Tugce Aldemir
    Doctoral Student Pennsylvania State University
  4. Iwona Lech
    Iwona Lech
    Doctoral Student Northern Illinois University
  5. Amanda Atwater Jacobs
    Amanda Atwater Jacobs
    Doctoral Student University of Northern Colorado
  6. Stevi Colby
    Stevi Colby
    Doctoral Student Curtin University